Creative Ways to Say Thank You

Knowing how to say thank you to another person is one of the most important things in the world. Not only is it the right thing to do, it shows your appreciation for what was done. It also helps ensure you will get help from them again in the future. But many of us are stumped or just don’t know what to say. So here are some creative ways to say thank you.

There are many unique ways to say thanks. You need to consider if this is family, friend, colleague, business partner, doctor, spiritual adviser and so on. So let’s take this one at a time.

With family, it’s easy to take them for granted. Your wife makes you coffee everyday, so no need to say thank you, right? Wrong. If anything, it’s those at home with us that we need to thank the most.

Here are special ways to say thank you to family or housemates:

– Do their chores for them once in a while. If your husband always takes out the trash, give him a break and do it yourself. Tell him you appreciate what he does and that you’ll do it instead.

– Buy a thank you card and stick it on the refrigerator door when you know they’re going to be around. Get a musical card or one with a cute picture and message in it.

– Attend to their needs when they’re doing something. If your wife is working on your business web site, bring her a drink or snack. If your husband is doing his exercises in the home gym, give him a towel and make sure there’s always bottled water nearby. It’s how to say thank you, the practical way!

Take them out to a movie or restaurant. When was the last time you took your grandmother out? Maybe she’ll enjoy the next Harry Potter movie!

Now here are creative ways to say thank you to a business partner, colleague, friend, pastor, doctor, etc.

– Bake cookies or a pie for them. If you don’t bake, buy a special pastry from the store and deliver it to their office yourself.

– Send them a bottle of special wine or liquor or a box of chocolates with a thank you note.

– For spiritual friends and guides, a devotional book is ideal. Add your names and the date of presentation plus your message.

– If you can train your dog or cat to do so, send them to your benefactor’s door with a basket of gifts or a thank you card. It’s irresistible.

– If it’s a hired worker, give them a cool drink or maybe a tip.

– Friends would appreciate gift certificates, or if you buy them an item on one of their online “wish lists.”

– Buy them a discount card good for 1 year. It’ll save them money!

– On holidays, don’t forget to call them or send season’s greetings.

When trying to figure out how to say thank you, you should tailor it to suit that person’s taste, not yours. If you’re religious and they worship their coin collection, it might be better to give them a set of Morgan Silver Dollars than a rosary. Think of what would please them. Also if you want to give food or drink, make sure their diet allows it. (E.g. sugar-free treats for a diabetic.)

Don’t be carried away with these creative ways to say thank you. Above all else, make sure that your manner of giving thanks won’t compromise your benefactor’s position. For example, if he or she works for the government, it might be inappropriate to buy them a present. Same with a school teacher.