Different Ways to Kiss

The art of kissing best spells romance. Whenever there is love, you can’t help to see people kissing. As with the many ways of expressing love, there are also different ways to kiss. Here is a short lecture on the romantic ways of kissing your loved one:

Lesson #1: Do as the French do. French kiss is definitely one of the most popular. That is why it is almost always in every list of different ways to kiss. Until now, it is unclear whether the French really invented kissing tongue-to-tongue. What is obvious is that every pair of lovers in the world enjoys it.

Lesson #2: Take Spider-Man as an example of a good kisser. If you have watched the Spider-Man movie spearheaded by Tobey Maguire, and for sure you did, you should know what we mean. Kissing with your partner suspended in the air and positioned upside down or at least an illusion of it makes for one of most creative ways to enjoy the lip contact.

Lesson #3: Take a bite of Hershey’s Kiss. If you and your partner share a liking for sweets, you can use your love for chocolates or anything sugary to perk up your kissing. Bite into your favorite sweet before you join lips.

Lesson #4: Kiss and nibble. While you and your partner are at it, try a few creative ways of making things even more exciting. Nibble on each other’s lower lips with soft, playful, and tender bites.

Lesson #5: Contradict the norm and kiss with your eyes wide open. When you are kissing while gazing at each other’s eyes, an extra wild flavor is added to the act. It would not hurt to try this every once in a while to break the monotony.

Lesson #6: Get sticky and wild. Do you remember your teenage years when you were going gaga over gums? You can bring back the old days and be playful with gums only this time with a very passionate goal in mind.

Lesson #7: Consider a strand of spaghetti as the bridge towards the treat. Take an end of spaghetti noodle in your mouth and the other in your partner’s mouth. Pull away until you get to the middle where you meet lips with your partner’s. Sweet.

Lesson #8: Go around the world. Explore your partner’s mouth tracing along his lips before engaging him into a hot mouth-to-mouth session.

Lesson #9: Charm away with a stress-relieving kiss. All you need to do is to massage the back of your partner’s neck while you are smacking wild.

Lesson #10: Pretend you are a movie star and smack it wild. Plant a wet and wild one on your partner’s mouth.