Fast Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure occurs when the body works harder than normal to supply blood to its parts. Blood pressure is considered high when it is equal to or above 120/80. The upper number or systolic is the pressure during a heartbeat; the lower number or diastolic is the pressure in-between beats, when the heart is relaxed. In general, it is more alarming when the diastolic is high. Read on to learn about fast ways to lower blood pressure.

Believe it or not, there natural ways to lower blood pressure. By natural, we mean the methods don’t involve the use of drugs and other artificial means. How easy or difficult it will be to implement these methods depends on how willing you are to be healthy.

Lose weight.
When you’re overweight, it puts more pressure on your heart and artery walls. More blood is required to feed oxygen to a larger body. So if you shed those extra pounds, you give your heart less work to do. The fastest way to lose weight and thus improve blood pressure is to follow a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber.

Eat garlic.
The Italians have a good idea making garlic an all-purpose cooking solvent in their dishes. Garlic has been proven to help regulate blood pressure.

Cut down on sodium. Sodium encourages water retention and spikes up your blood pressure. Avoid salty foods, but note that high-sodium foods are not always salty! Read the labels.

Take fish oil.
It’s believed to lower blood pressure somewhat. You can take it in the form of softgel capsules.

Exercise. Not working out regularly will weaken your heart and artery walls. By exercising your body, you build stamina. It makes it easier for your body to produce and pump blood.

Cut down on the caffeine. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks drive up your blood pressure like you wouldn’t believe. Aside from this, caffeine has other health hazards such as insomnia and bladder problems. If you’re feeling sluggish, eat more fruits and lighter meats. Have a piece of chocolate once in a while to perk yourself up.

Stop drinking and smoking. Get rid of these destructive habits. You’ll be forced to admit they are really fast ways to improve blood pressure once you’ve broken these habits.

Practice yoga. Yoga’s breathing and stretching exercises relax the mind and body. Ask a competent instructor for poses specially designed for your condition.

And last but not least, reduce stress. What’s troubling you? If there’s something or someone in your life causing you a lot of grief, it’s time to get rid of them. Don’t put up with it at your health’s expense. Let go of them and the stress they cause you. You’ll be surprised how much it improves blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a common health problem. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it if you have it. These natural, fast ways to lower blood pressure are yours for the taking. They are free and they work. Try them for yourself.