Fun Ways to Kiss

Kissing is an exciting and exhilarating experience. Sometimes, though, it can be pretty challenging as well. But kissing has to be truly fun to be enjoyable. How you can do that? Take note of the following fun ways to kiss and you will definitely know how.

Fun Way to Kiss #1: Share a bite of your favorite sweet whether it’s a chocolate, soft candy, or even a slice of your favorite cake before engaging on a wild mouth-to-mouth exercise. This is truly sweet. You are sharing one of the most creative ways of expressing your affection while sharing a bite of your favorite treat.

Fun Way to Kiss #2:
Treat your partner’s mouth as if it was a marshmallow. Lick his lips and bounce away with his spongy tongue.

Fun Way to Kiss #3: Do the spaghetti kiss. Spaghetti noodles are long but not long enough for you not to meet each other’s lips in time. If you want, you can do a contest about who is getting to the middle to meet the other’s lips the fastest. What about the reward? Well, a long, enduring kiss will do.

Fun Way to Kiss #4:
Lick on some ice cream then lick your partner’s lips next. The cold, sweet idea of ice cream on your mouth that you will be passing onto your partner’s can be heavenly sweet.

Fun Way to Kiss #5: Do the tongue war. Instead of simply French kissing, you can make the act even more exciting by using your tongues as if they were swords. Try to get your tongue to your partner’s mouth while blocking his to get to yours. The winner is the one who is able to break into the other’s mouth first. Whoever wins deserves a wet and wild kiss.

There are many different ways you could express your affection by kissing. What is important is that whichever way you try to do this act, your heart is in it. Think about the creative ways of expressing your love for your partner and from there, you will get to discover how to do it artistically.

Kissing is a given between two people who like each other. If you want to break the monotony, although we doubt it that you would ever go tired of kissing, you can find many ways of doing it. Just be sure to note that you are having fun all the way. Enjoying the act of kissing is as important as doing it. Adding an extra laugh every once in a while would surely help spice up your romantic as well as your kissing relationship.