Fun Ways to Propose Marriage

Getting married? Wondering about fun ways to propose marriage? What would be the most appropriate way to pop the all-important question to your love? It is quite normal for you to desire to have everything just right when you propose. That is why just like you, most of the guys out there go to such great lengths just to prepare for that special day when they take their relationship to the next level.

It would be wonderful to make this new beginning, when you are going to make a solemn promise to each other to spend the rest of your lives together, with something fun and memorable. Of course, your timing needs to be just right. Also, the manner in which you propose should be special and should always bring back pleasant memories when you and your partner look back to this day in the years to come.

Choices for Fun Marriage Proposals

There is no definite formula to make a marriage proposal. You just have to do it with conviction, lots of love and warmth.

doing it the traditional way: Getting down on one knee when you pop up the question to your partner is ideal for most ladies. In fact, they consider this to be the most romantic of all gestures. You can even add a beautiful, long-stemmed red rose and clench this between your teeth while you present your engagement ring to your partner.

treating your partner to a romantic dinner: Slip away from your table a few minutes to ask a waiter to place your engagement ring on top of a cake that will be served for dessert after a hearty dinner.

proposing via the air waves: You could also call the radio station that your partner loves to tune into, dedicate a beautiful romantic song to her and then, propose to her. Just be sure that your mate is listening at the time the message is being aired, before you make the call.

proposing when surrounded by your loved ones and friends: If you want all those who are special to you to be there when you ask your love to marry you, you could throw a party or get-together for your family and friends and go ahead, and do it!

for the tech savvy: You could create your own web page about you and your partner. Include every little thing about your relationship. Add photos. Then write your proposal on this page. Send this address to your mate and await your partner’s reply.

for the poet in you: You could also try your hand at writing a poem and proposing to your love using the inimitable medium of words. Writing about her will make it personal and special and will surely prompt her to answer in the affirmative.

say it with music: You could make a compilation of all her favorite love songs and burn them on a CD. Give it to her along with a heartfelt message from you. Ensure she listens to the entire CD though!

fine dining with great wine: If you and your partner love good food and fine wine, you could cook her a lovely meal and then, maybe have a special cake with the words, ‘marry me’ written on it.

These fun ways to propose marriage can really be heartwarming and memorable. Make your own choice on what you wish to do. Just remember that how you prepare for that day should show your loved one how special your mate really is and that is exactly why you would like to share the rest of your life with this person. Make your proposal unique by making it your own. It is your signature style and touch that will make it distinct and unforgettable.