Fun Ways to Tie Shoelaces

There are actually a lot of ways to tie shoelaces. Here are just some of the more interesting ways to secure those shoes.

How to do the Bunny Ears Knot

This is a technique you can teach little kids. Hold the laces apart. Take one end and cross it with the other. Take both ends (A and B) and place the ends below the other. Fasten it tightly. Make a couple of loops from both ends. Tie them and pull it as tight as you like.

The Loop Knot

Take both ends and tie them as you would in a regular knot. Hold both loops up. Put one loop through the other. Now pull that loop sideways as tight as you want. This is one of the most creative ways to tie shoelaces. It’s very secure, yet you can untie it using the lace.

The Twin Knots

This is an interesting knot that can help fasten the kids’ shoes. Commence with a regular knot. Make a couple of loops and fasten them together. The end result will look like a bunny ear. Unlike the bunny ears, this one is tighter and won’t come off that easily.

The Criss Cross Style

Insert the lace at the bottom lace hole in the shoes. Now put the laces through the holes. Make sure both laces cross each other in the process. When you get to the end, make a couple of bunny ears. Now cross the loops. What you want is for the right loop to be in the left one.

Enfold the right loop around the left. Your goal when using this way to tie shoelaces is to get the right up in front. Position the left loop at the back. You’ll get an opening the middle. Put the loops there. To tighten, just pull those loops.

2 Loop Knot

Use the standard knot as a base. Hold the two laces up. Hold the right lace in-between the thumb and forefinger. Hold the left lace in the same manner. Make a couple of loops. On the right lace, set the loose end in front. With the left lace, set the loose end behind. If needed, utilize your middle finger to place the loose ends behind.

The tricky part when using this way to tie shoelaces is this one. Use your left thumb to put the loose lace above the right. Use your right finger to put the loose end in the middle of the left loop.

With two fingers in the loop, take the loose ends of the other loop. The fingers should let go of the initial ends they were holding and hold the ones in the other loop.

Pull the loose ends carefully in the loop. Now pull the knots tightly.


These techniques are not as complicated as they seem to be. With a little practice you’ll be able to secure your laces in very little time. Before trying these techniques, it’s a good idea to have the standard knotting techniques mastered. It’s often used as a base, so get familiar with it.

Learning different ways to tie shoelaces can actually be fun. With a little bit of patience and enthusiasm, those shoelaces can be a fashion statement on its own.