Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a health condition that can lead to different serious diseases like chronic renal failure, arterial aneurysm, strokes, heart attacks and heart failure. Another term that is often used to refer to high blood pressure is hypertension. To prevent the complications caused by this medical condition, it is essential to learn the natural ways to lower blood pressure. Discussed below are the easy ways to prevent the elevation of blood pressure.

Tomato Diet

One of the top ways to decrease blood pressure is by adding tomatoes in your daily diet. Tomatoes are proven to have high content of lycopene, which is very important to prevent hypertension. In addition, tomatoes are helpful to lower diastolic pressure and systolic pressure. According to medical studies, patients suffering from the medical condition should eat four tomatoes a day.

Regular Exercise

Having regular exercise is a fun way of lowering systolic and diastolic pressure. A good exercise that you should try if you have this condition is aerobic dancing. Even if the results can be seen after several months, research proved that regular exercise is an effective method of decreasing blood pressure.


One of the special ways of decreasing hypertension readings is through acupuncture. Studies showed that acupuncture lessens the pressure caused by blood circulation immediately. Additionally, it has prolonged effects on patients suffering from high blood pressure.


Yoga is a fun way of lowering diastolic pressure as well as systolic pressure because it has routines like the forward bends, which have a positive effects on the nervous and circulatory systems. Aside from these, it is effective because the routines can decrease the pulse rate, which indicates that the blood pressure is lowering.

Red Wine

One of the best ways of preventing hypertension is by drinking a glass of red wine a day. The wine has flavonol resveratol, which is very helpful in protecting arteries from toxic substances and free radicals. Additionally, flavonol resveratol is very effective in preventing platelets from staying in a single area.

Caffeine and Low Fat Foods

Limiting your caffeine intake to three cups a day is effective to maintain blood pressure to normal. Another fast way of decreasing systolic and diastolic pressures is by eating low fat foods. Examples of foods that have low fat are whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Aside from these, you can also eat lean proteins as well as dairy proteins that have low fat content. Always look at the label of packaged and processed foods before purchasing to make sure that these contain low fat.