Romantic Ways to Propose to My Girlfriend

So, you’re so in love with your girlfriend that you would like to take the opportunity to bind your hearts forever in marriage. But first things first: You have to make the proposal. You say to yourself, “What romantic ways to propose to my girlfriend will be the best that will make that event so wonderful?”

One of the best ways to pop the question is to have a candlelight dinner for two. After the meal, give your mate a tissue or a small note where you have earlier written the words you need to say to ask your mate to marry you.

A sweet way to show your love and propose to your partner is to bake a cake. Ask someone to help you bake if needed. On the top, use icing to write your proposal.

If your partner usually reads the paper, take note of what it is, and call the publication’s office. Get an ad done – a full page ad will be most appropriate – and have your proposal written there with your name and your partner’s name. It would be a good idea to buy that paper yourself and bring it to your mate so you would be there when your loved one will read that page.

If you love buying and giving gifts to your loved one, a good way to propose is to purchase a watch and have an inscription of the words “Marry me, my love” on the back of the watch.

For a more authentic approach, try the message-in-a-bottle option. Write your proposal on a small note and place it inside a bottle. Seal it with a cork or its own bottle cap. Bring your loved one to the beach and go to the water together. Then, being discreet, make the bottle float towards your loved one. Let your partner open the bottle to see what it contains.

You may also try leaving a trail of short notes starting at the doorstep towards the bedroom. At the end, you stand there ready to make love with a large bow around you where the words, “Marry me” written on it.

Another loving way to make your proposal to your mate is to have your proposal high up on the skies. For this, you may need to hire a plane to carry a large banner of your proposal with your partner’s name on it.

You may also purchase a teddy bear and make it hold a ring and your note where you ask your partner to marry you.

Sending balloons to your partner’s home or office is also a fun way to propose. Have your proposal written on each of the balloons and have the strings tied together to carry the ring.

So quit worrying. You don’t need to consistently think, “What romantic ways to propose to my girlfriend will be best…” when you have a couple of tips to help you with. For what it’s worth, all you need to remember is that whatever tip you choose to follow, it is how you present your proposal to your mate (to show how much you care) that truly matters.