Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism in the simplest terms means passing off someone else’s words as your own. This also includes not giving credit to very author of the words you have just used. However, the scope of plagiarism will include a wide variety of activities. It will include the essential characteristics of cheating, theft, copying, or any other form of intellectual theft. Sometimes plagiarism is intentional while sometimes it is just pure coincidence that you write down exactly what someone else has already composed. We’ll go over several easy ways to avoid plagiarism.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Sometimes the way you phrase and compose your thoughts will be exactly the same as how someone has said the exact same thing. This is especially true for students working on a paper or a writer composing his piece. Here are a few simple ways you can do in order to ensure that the words you just typed are really yours and avoid plagiarism.


This is one of the easy ways in order to avoid accidentally writing exactly what someone else has already composed. The very basic rule behind paraphrasing is to never use someone else’s words. A secondary rule that can become some sort of an appendage of the first rule is to avoid substituting synonyms in a sentence. It is best to use your own words according to how you understand the material you are using. That way, you are making the very words you have been reading your very own.

Cite Sources:

When you are working on your paper remember to cite your sources to avoid plagiarism. Sometimes you just can’t avoid quoting someone else especially when that someone you are quoting is an expert or an authority on a given subject. Acquaint yourself with using quotation marks and ellipses when quoting someone else. Include your sources in the footnotes, which may also include links to your source’s site. This is one of the really easy ways to avoid plagiarism.

Check for Plagiarism:

There are online tools that are available that you can use to avoid plagiarism. Using these tools can be categorized as one of the easy ways to check for plagiarism. Some online plagiarism detection tools are free while others would charge a small fee. In either case you will have to submit your text and the site’s checker will look for online duplicates for you.

Time Management:

The pressure that comes with beating a deadline is a huge factor in committing plagiarism. One of the practical and easy ways to avoid plagiarism is avoid procrastination and do your work early. That way, you will have more time in your hands to check your work and see if you accidentally committed any form of plagiarism.