Ways to Become a Ninja

Ways to Become a Ninja

There are no quicker ways to become a ninja than to learn it directly from the source. The art of the ninja originated in Japan, so your best to be a ninja is to travel there and study under a real ninja grandmaster. Ruling that out, you can study the ninja art from the best quality books you can find on the subject. The works of Stephen Hayes are an example.

To be a ninja, you must lay a solid foundation. First, know the history of ninjutsu. It is not all about becoming invisible and hiding in the dark, although the ninjas did use such tactics. The ninja art began as a military specialty among warrior mystics in Japan. The knowledge came from China and ultimately from the Tibetan Tantrism. Real ninjas were supposed to have occult powers.

Understand ninja philosophy. The ninja, like the ancient Chinese and Japanese, believe that the whole universe is made up of the five elements – ether, fire, water, earth and air. Even your personality is influenced by these elements. Earth is slow and practical. Water is emotional and imaginative. Fire is passionate and energetic. Air is communicative and thoughtful. Ether as the origin of their origin, is pure. To be a ninja is to be balanced with respect to the elements.

Get ninja equipment. Traditional ninja gear included a costume, usually in black, gray or dark blue color. It had a head and mask, trousers and socks. The ninja carried a Japanese sword for a weapon, held diagonally on the palm. He or she also had a climbing rope, sash, first aid kit, fire starter and a canteen for water or tea. You can buy ninja equipment in a good martial arts store that features the ninja art.

Learn ninja fighting methods. The ninja art of unarmed combat is called “taijutsu” and it bears resemblance to other Japanese martial arts. Keri or kicks are used to throw an opponent off balance. Shuto is the use of open hands. Gyaku-te is twisting the opponent’s hand. Bojutsu is stick-fighting. Kenpo uses a sword. Shuriken is the “throwing star” popularized by western fiction.

Elements in fighting. The ninja art bases its fighting skills on the elements as well. So there is a fire method to grapple, an air method, etc. The ninja shout or “kiai” is used to facilitate the release of energy during a strike. To be a ninja, one must use the elements where appropriate. This is known as Gotonpo.

Disguise. The ninja were often employed as spies and assassins. They disguised themselves in various occupations to avoid detection. Both men and women could become ninjas.