Ways to Become a Popular Girl

Do you want to know how to make yourself popular? Some girls are just born more likable than others it seems. But even if you weren’t gifted with all the charms in the world, there are still things you can do to stand out from the crowd.

Be cheerful.
No one likes gloomy people. If you’re always down and out, others will sense it and stay away. Think about it: Do YOU like being around the melancholy person who likes to grumble about everything? Probably not. Be cheerful and positive. It will make others feel good, and if you make them feel good, they’ll want to have you around all the time.

Have a sense of humor.
One of the easiest ways to become a popular girl is to be funny. Tell funny jokes and laugh along at other people’s jokes. Tease your friends and acquaintances without being offensive. That way, you’ll always be the life of the party.

Listen before you speak. A thoughtless person always opens their mouth without thinking. Don’t do that. Let the other person finish what they’re saying and look in their eyes as you do so. Let them know they have your whole attention. Magic!

Develop your own fashion style.
A good sense of fashion is one of the key ways to become a popular girl. Don’t copy all the latest trends. That would make you unoriginal. Start your own. Read fashion books and magazines to know what hairstyles and clothes best flatter your figure. Then come up with unique ways to reinvent yourself. Be original, but not outrageous.

Be your own person. Some will tell you that you need to make friends with other popular girls in order to be one yourself. That’s not how you make yourself popular. If anything, these girls and their admirers will know you’re “trying hard” to be the new “in” girl. Instead, learn to hold your own. Be friendly with the popular girls, but show them you regard them as your equals and not your superiors.

Make friends with the girls (and boys) who are new and/or shy. These are the ones who need friendship the most. If you show yourself to be approachable, more and more people will warm up to you and come to you first. Most important, if you do become a popular girl, it won’t be for superficial reasons, but because you’re a genuinely likable and sympathetic person.

Maintain good hygiene. Take a bath. Brush and floss your teeth. Use a mouthwash before a kiss. Shave in the right places. A funky body not only turns off other people; it tells them you don’t care about your health and appearance. If you don’t care, why should they?

Participate in group activities. It may be a local charity, a school fundraising rive or a sports team. Join in! By engaging in community efforts, you show your interest in what’s going on around you. It also lets people see your talents and skills more. Show you can be a good leader if the occasion calls for it.

There are many different ways to become a popular girl besides these. What you need to keep in mind is, being popular is not enough. You want to stand out of the crowd for the right reasons. Do you really want to be popular just because of your shoes or haircut? And further, with whom would you like to be popular? Look at the quality of the crowd you’re aiming at. Again, make yourself known and sought after for the right reasons.