Ways to Break Up with Your Boyfriend

The way to break up with your boyfriend will depend on the situation. Assess the following scenarios and consider the following suggestions.

An Abusive Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is abusing you (physically, emotionally or mentally), then you should just call it quits. Just say “you can’t hurt me anymore. It’s over.” You don’t need to make any dramatic statements. You can just email him this message or text him.

Don’t allow him to sweet talk you back into the relationship; there are other guys around. This direct approach should also be used if you caught your boyfriend cheating.

You Found Someone Else

This is going to be very difficult especially if your boyfriend has been faithful. But you’ve got to tell him the truth. Things will get worse if you carry on this relationship but are in love with someone else. One of the best ways to break up with your boyfriend is by being honest.

Talk to him in person. Tell him as gently as you can that you found someone else. Don’t get into details explaining how you fell in love with the guy. Don’t make the mistake of comparing the two.

Don’t say things like “this is going to be very hard for me too.” That’s not true, so don’t say it. You also shouldn’t say things like “I hope we can still be friends”.

You must give the guy some space and time to be alone. When thinking of ways to break up with your boyfriend, consider the impact it will have on the guy. If he wants to be friends with you, he’ll come around.

If not, don’t force the situation. You may want him to be a friend, but he might not feel the same way. Accept his decision just as he accepted yours.

Other Suggestions

Sometimes it happens that you just fall out of love. He’s a nice guy, but you just feel the need for personal space. You can tell him that you just need time alone. If you don’t want to say that, there are other ways to break up with your boyfriend. Tell him you want to focus on your career / studies. Tell him you don’t have time for relationships right now.

If you want the relationship over quickly, inform him that you’ve found someone else (even if you haven’t). Or you can just say that you want to get married and have kids. If you don’t want to hurt the guy, just tell him that he deserves someone better.

Heart to Heart Talk

Sit down and just talk with the guy. It’s probably best not to flatter him in any way (he might feel insulted). Just stick with the facts. If he gets emotional, just be calm. His reaction is something you should expect.

While there are different ways to break up with your boyfriend, most of the methods aren’t that easy. However, it’s something you need to do. You can’t afford to delay this action, so it’s best to act now.