Ways to Build Muscle Fast

Ways to Build Muscle Fast

So you want to find the top ways to build muscle fast? Before you turn yourself loose on bodybuilding books and training equipment, let’s take a pause. You can’t just copy what these Arnold Schwarzenegger models do. First, each person has his or her own body type. If you’re not blessed with the body of a Greek god, you’ll just to make do with what you’ve got and adjust your training. Second, bodybuilders and wrestlers often train unnaturally and may be taking certain drugs. And last, they didn’t start out with the same muscle building guide they’re showing you, so you won’t get the same results if you try it.

The top way to build muscle fast must be balanced and not overwork your body too soon. Here’s how:

Build flexibility. You’d tear up your muscles if you started to lift weights right away. Do stretches first. Yoga is good.

Build strength. Strength is the foundation of muscle building. Start a simple weight lifting regimen. You should also do some freehand calisthenics: pushups, situps, dips, crunches, etc.

Use dumbbells and bars. These are better than machines since it’s more “manual.” Your body is forced to work harder and that’s what you want. Don’t pay attention to muscle building guides that tell you machines are indispensible. Yes, they have their place but you don’t need them for now.

Be active.
There are easy ways to build muscle fast around your own house. Try shoveling and gardening, for example. Or go boat rowing.

Get balanced training. Avoid lop-sided exercises that work on specific areas only. You don’t want to develop huge biceps while the rest of your body stays flabby. Also work on the whole body in every session (not one area in one day, and another area the next). Squats and dead lifts are great. Bicep curls are overrated.

Eat right. Junk food is okay, but only as a rare treat. Eat whole, organic foods as much as possible. Also, don’t go vegan. Your body needs a lot of protein to build those muscles you want, and you get that most readily from meat. Drink plenty of whole milk as this helps facilitate weight gain.

Practice moderation! Don’t imitate those muscle building guides that have you in the gym half of your life. Start out at three times a week, every other day. This gives your body time to rest.

Vary your exercises. This is to avoid the “plateau”, that stage where your body grows accustomed to the exercises and stop improving.

Eat more. Especially protein-rich foods. The more protein and calories you take in, the faster your muscles will build up.

Above all, stay committed. There’s no way to build muscle fast if you don’t keep up with your program. So stick to it and you’ll see the results!