Way’s to Celebrate Mother’s Day

There are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, and each family probably has their own unique method of making the day special for mom. Here are some ideas you can try out as the day approaches.

Share Fond Memories

Get several pieces of paper. Write down all the special times you spent with your mother. Try to be specific about the memories. When you have set them down, place them in a box. Give it to her. Be there when she reads it. This is a simple but powerful way for you two to share a very special moment.

Record the Family’s Memorable Moments

Talk to the kids and ask them what the most memorable moments they spent with mom are. You can jot these down or better yet, record it. Of course you can also include special messages from her parents, friends, siblings etc. You may also record mother’s favorite recipes, sayings, etc.

Let Mother Know She is Special

Another way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to just let mom know what she means to you. Get a notebook or composition book. Place pictures of all the kids there. Each one should write down why mom is special to them. Have each one state their fondest memory of mom and why she is the best in the world.

Help Other Mothers in Need

By donating to groups that support mothers in need, you make the day special not just for your own mom, but for many others out there. You can donate cash, clothing or other items. Or you can make a donation to your mother’s preferred charitable organization.

Letters, Cards and Flowers

Have her kids, family and friends make cards. Each one should include messages written from the bottom of the heart. An old fashioned way to celebrate Mother’s Day, but still effective, is to give a bouquet of flowers.

Or you can write her a letter. Express your love and affection. Tell her in as heartfelt a manner as possible how much you admire, respect and love her. It doesn’t matter if you have said these words before; a mother will never get tired of hearing them.

Go Over Photo Albums or Scrapbooks Together

Collect all those photo albums and scrapbooks and view them together. Take a trip down memory lane. Look over your baby photos. If mom has pictures of her when she was younger, you can browse them with her. This is actually something you can do with her during other days too.

Spoil Her for the Day

Rent her favorite films and watch them with her. You can also buy or make her favorite dishes and desserts. Take her to the beauty parlor and get her a new hairdo. Take her out and go shopping for clothes. You can also invite her friends over and just spend the whole together.

These are just some of the ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. No matter how you do it, the important thing is to make her feel loved and special on this day.