Ways to Close a Letter

Knowing how to close a letter properly is important. This is true for both personal and business letters. It is a scientific fact that the opening and closing paragraphs of a document are those that are read most. Therefore what you put there is crucial to getting your message across. If you’re one of those people to whom letter writing has always been a chore, read on.

How do you close a letter?

There are many creative ways to close a letter, depending on whether it’s business or personal and what it’s for. In all cases, you need to shape it in order to get the desired response or to make your point clearly.

For example, with a job application letter, you’re pursuing the job and want to get an interview. You can close the letter by saying you will follow up with a phone call at a later date. This creates the opportunity for you to talk with them, instead of just waiting to hear from them in their own time.

With most business cover letters, you want to be concise and straightforward. One of the biggest mistakes here is making the letter too long. Your reader isn’t going to have the time or desire to read a novel. The best ways to close a letter of this type is with a short sentence or two, such as: “Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to meeting with you in person so we can discuss my proposal in-depth. Please feel free to give me a call me at so-so times.”

If this is a business complaint letter, the closing is especially vital. Make your stand and the course of action you are taking clear. Let them know you mean business. For instance, a complaint to a food manufacturer after you found a chicken feather in your bag of vegetables may end with, “In closing, I wish to reiterate my displeasure at this incident. As a consumer, I would like to see immediate action on your part concerning this matter. I have already contacted the Bureau of… and they have promised they will investigate this incident. I trust you will fully cooperate with them. Thank you.”

Now how to close a letter declining a job? Okay, you want to do several things: 1) don’t hurt their feelings, 2) don’t let them nag you again, 3) keep the doors open “just in case.” If you’ve found a better job that you want to keep, first thank them for accepting you. Then in closing, say something like, “Again, thank you for offering me the chance to work with you. I regret that I cannot be of service to you now. Perhaps a new opportunity to do so will surface in the future. In that case, I would gladly consider it.”

Remember, creative ways to close a letter depend on what you want to achieve. In business letters, it largely depends on what you where you wan to go next. So ponder carefully and choose your words wisely.