Ways to Dispose of Old Computers

In this day and age, computer upgrades can occur every six months or less. It’s important that you learn the correct ways to dispose of old computers. You may not realize it but some people may find that old PC serviceable.

Donate to Charity

There are several groups that can use old computers. It may not meet your requirements anymore, but others will still find useful. There are charity groups that use old computers to teach kids basic computer skills. Your old PC will be more than sufficient to perform basic computing tasks.

Sometimes these computers are shipped to other countries where other people can use them. In other words, what you think is junk will be treasured and used by people in other parts of the world.

Recycling Centers

One of the best ways to dispose of old computers is by taking it to recycling centers. Computers are made up of special components. These parts need to be incinerated or destroyed by other means.

Contact the recycling center near you for information on how to dispose of the PC. If you can’t find one, go to the Web and look for other recycling centers.

Sell the Usable Parts

Unless the unit is totally wrecked, there should be some usable / working parts left. Remove these parts. Double check and make sure they’re working and sell them to electronic surplus stores.

Some computer stores sell second hand and slightly used parts. Sell the parts there. Check the Web for information on where to find them. You can also ask a computer shop for info on where you can sell these hardware parts.

Contact the Manufacturer

One of the fast ways to dispose of old computers is to ask manufacturer. Go to their website and look for the info. Send them an email and inquire. Company policies differ. Some might charge a fee to dispose of the unit. Others may offer you prizes for bringing in old components.

Give it Away

You can just give the computer to a friend. People have differing computing needs. If you know someone who only needs a basic computer, you can give it away. You can also donate the PC to your local charity. Contact the local authorities for specific charities in your area.

Other Ways to Dispose of Old Computers

You can take out the inner parts and use them as decoration. Some artists use old computer parts and make them into art pieces. The Salvation Army will also be able to use your old computer.

Don’t throw the computer in landfills as it will possess a threat to the environment. You can scan the yellow pages for more suitable places to dispose of it.


Erase all the information on the hard drive before disposing of it. Back up the files and run a virus scan. When it’s cleared, delete the contents. You may want to format the drive to get rid of any bad clusters.

Learning the ways to dispose of old computers properly will preserve the environment. Other people will also find it useful, so don’t just throw that computer in the trash.