Ways to End Relationships

It should be pointed out that there are no easy ways to end relationships. However these tips should help lessen the hurt that will be generated by the breakup.

Do You Really Want to End it?

Every relationship goes through difficult periods. After or during an argument it’s very easy to say you want the relationship over and done with. You must ask yourself if you really want to put an end to the whole thing. Give yourself some time to think about the issue.

Analyze the issues. Only when you’ve assessed all the facts should you tell your partner of your decision.

Avoid Confrontation

One of the best ways to end relationships is avoiding disputes, or keeping it to a minimum. When telling your partner of your decision, don’t dig up old quarrels and issues. You will only get emotional. You might end up saying something you’ll regret later.

Your partner will be upset, but don’t get drawn in an argument. Just tell him / her that you’ve made up your mind and that it’s over. Don’t attempt to sugarcoat the situation. Don’t say how hard it is for you. Just state the facts.

Don’t justify the breakup by pointing out his / her shortcomings. That’s unnecessary since you’re ending the relationship already.

Tell the Truth

It’s not an easy way to end relationships, but it’s the only route you must take. If you fell in love with someone else, admit it. Don’t lie and say it’s his or her fault.

Whatever the reason is –financial, career choice, obeying your parents, etc- you have to say it. Don’t email or send him / her a message saying it’s over. Be mature enough to say it in person.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

If your partner has betrayed you, then let him / her know it’s the reason for the breakup. Don’t even think about cheating yourself; it’ll only make things worse.

Don’t get involved in a false relationship; just end it. If he / she asks for forgiveness, you’ve got to make a decision. If you can’t forgive, you’ve got to let him / her know.

When thinking of ways to end relationships, you’ve got to keep your cool. Think with your head, not with your heart. You must not allow yourself to get too emotional. Try to understand that you and your partner will be hurt. Don’t try to come up with excuses or justifications.

Time to Heal

Finally, don’t assume that you and your partner will still end up friends. It may take time for him / her to get over it. The time may actually never come. Don’t force it. Keep in mind that when you break up, it means you’ve decided to move on.

There are no easy ways to end relationships. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it will come out smoothly. Just accept the fact that there will be some pain on both sides. But eventually you –and your ex- will have to go on.