Ways to Fold Money

If you’re still waiting for the monthly bills to arrive, you can have some fun and learn different ways to fold money. It’ll take only a few minutes to perform these tricks.

Make a Ring

Get a two dollar bill. Flatten it with Jefferson’s face to you. Hold the white edge at the top and fold it down. Fold the bottom white edge up. Fold the entire bill exactly in half. The two edges you made should come into contact. Fold it again.

Make sure the number 2 can be seen to your left. Hold the right corner of the two dollar bill. Make an up fold. Hold the part projecting out and put in the bill. When using this way to fold money into a ring, you’ve got to flip it over.

Hold the longest piece. Enfold it below the other piece. Look for the small piece sticking out. Fold it above the fold on the outer part. The number 2 will be outside and still be visible. Tuck in the final piece sticking out below the number 2.

Make a Shirt

Fold a dollar bill in half. It can be face in or face out, it doesn’t matter. Fold it again so that the outer corner joins up with the middle crease. Flip the bill over.

Hold the white side. Its back should be towards you. Flip it over. Make a back fold on the fold you just made. Using this way to fold money isn’t that hard; you just need to be a little patient.

Now grab the other end and make a couple of folds. Insert the fold in the flaps. Maintaining the creases, unfurl the bottom part. Unfold the flaps and fold it one time.

Pinch the corner at the fold section. Make a slight push. This will be used to make the sleeves. Fold the sleeves back. Put it in the collar, and you have your shirt.

A Dollar Trick

Hold a two dollar bill. Fold it in width wise twice. Fold it lengthwise once. Get a $20 bill and fold in the same manner. When trying out this way to fold money, the back of the $20 must face you.

Get a piece of tape and stick it to the $20. Stick the $2 bill on the tape too (both sides of the tape must be sticky). Ensure that the tape is aligned in the same way. Now show everyone the $2 bill. The $20 bill is behind it; no one can see this but you. Turn the $2 carefully, hiding the taped $20 from view.

Now turn the bill over. As you fold, unfold the $20 bill. When you flip the bill, it will seem the $2 bill has turned into $20.
Both of these tricks will require some practice. It isn’t as hard as it seems. In actual practice it’s not that hard.

With a little bit of perseverance, you’ll be able to master these creative ways to fold money. Try folding the bills in different ways, and see what you can come up with next.