Ways to Fold Notes

Even if you don’t know origami, there are some simple but different ways to fold notes you can do. Grab some papers and try these out.

Make a Heart Shape

Take the piece of paper and fold it by its axis twice (this would be the long axis). Now fold either side right into the middle crease, making a right angle. Fold towards the open part of the note.

Repeat the process for the other side. You’ll end up with a triangle and a couple of rectangles emanating from it. Set the paper with the folded side on the table.

Grab one of the rectangles. Fold it so that it’s oriented towards the triangle. This should be near the longer edge of the triangle. Repeat this process on the other side.

There are probably other ways to fold notes into hearts, but this is the easiest. After the steps earlier, now you just have to fold the flaps downwards. Insert these into the long part of the triangle.

Make a Paper Boat

Fold the note in half. Hold the note so that the shape viewed from the side is an inverted V. Fold the right side so that it forms a triangle. Repeat the process with the left side. You now have a folded side with two triangles. Fold the bottom part so that it partly covers the triangles.

If you’ve tried using this way to fold notes into a boat, you’ll know the next step is to repeat the folding process on the other side. You now have the paper folded so that the triangles and the clear side are partly covered by the rectangular folds. Take the edges of the rectangular folds and tuck it inside. The paper has been turned into a triangle.

Insert your fingers in the bottom part and open the paper. You end up with a diamond shape. Carefully fold the diamond shape in half. You should have a small triangular shaped paper. Place your fingers in the bottom area and gently pull it open. Pull both corners open, and you have your boat.

Making a Perfect Square

When learning ways to fold notes, you’ll come across some techniques to turn them into squares containing secret messages. Here’s one easy way. Get the paper and write the message. Fold it along the longer axis. Fold it with the message visible to you. Fold it again on the axis.

Hold the ends and shape them into triangles. Fold the triangles into parallel edges. Do not turn them into a trapezoid. Repeat the triangle fold. You’ll end up with a parallelogram on both corners. Fold along the line. This will be on the side away from the triangle’s side.

Hold both ends and fold one behind and one in front. You’ll now have a square with one triangle at the bottom and another at the top. Fold both triangles, orienting them towards the inside. Fold the triangle below the main one. Flip it around and repeat the process. When the folds are tucked in, you will get the perfect square.

Learning the many ways to fold notes can be an interesting pastime. At the same you’ll release your creative side, bringing out the artist inside you.