Ways to Get High Without Drugs

There’s no need to use dope or crack to get that adrenaline rush. As you’ll see, there are lots of cool ways to get high without drugs.

Try Extreme Sports

Extreme sports have really taken off and there are plenty of options for you to choose from. There’s skateboarding or performing tricks and stunts with a bicycle. For the more adventurous types, there’s always bungee jumping and sky diving.

You can try these activities with your friends for fun. It’ll take some time before you can do all those flips and twists you see on TV, but part of the fun is in learning.

Play Video Games

If you want some adrenaline rush, you can play some video games. If you’ve got the need for speed, give those racing games a try. With their variety, video games have become one of the best ways to get high without drugs. If you’re in the mood to blow things up, there are scores of first person shooters out there.

If you get your kicks from planning and building, there are strategy games available. There are also sports, adventure, etc. With multiplayer options, you can now play high octane games with your friends all over the world.

Get into Sports

Sports won’t just give you a natural high but it’ll make you healthy too. You can play some basketball with your friends, or by yourself. You can also play some football, tennis, volleyball etc. You can join sports clubs too. You won’t just get in shape, but also make new friends.

Water Sports

Water sports have become one of the best ways to get high without drugs. Get a surfboard and ride the waves. You can also try parasailing, windsurfing or jet skiing. Actually, swimming is exhilarating in itself.

You can also get into scuba diving or snorkeling. Taking a dive beneath the waters will show you a world you’ve never seen before. As most divers will tell you, the experience can be breathtaking.

Go Dancing

Go with your friends and hit the clubs. Dancing is an inexpensive but great way to get a natural high. There’s no need to worry about how you well you’re dancing. You just need to let go. Let your body glide along to the music. Just let your body move along to the beat and rhythm.

Other Ways to Get High without Drugs

Give running or aerobics a try. It won’t be long before you feel the energy level increase. The great thing about exercise is that the positive vibes you feel will extend long after the workout.

How about just getting together with your friends? Go watch an action or horror movie together. Or maybe you can go to theme parks and try the rides there. For something totally unique, why not try meditation? Sitting still seems like an odd place to get high.

But those who’ve tried it say that the peace of mind it produces has a wonderful effect on the mind and body. With these cool ways to get high without drugs, you’ll never have to turn to dope for kicks again.