Ways to Get on Myspace at School

One of the top rated and most visited social networking sites, MySpace has different features like blogging, music downloading and photo uploading. Aside from these features, the site also allows people to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. Even if the website is popular and helpful, many school administrators do not allow their students to check or log in to the social networking site within the premises of the institutions. This is because they do not like their students to be distracted with their lessons. In order to access the web page, discussed below are the various ways to get on MySpace at school.

Easy Ways

Trying proxy servers is one of the best ways of accessing the website. When using the method, it is important to remember that the lists of proxies are updated daily. This means that the proxy that you are using today may not be available or may be blocked tomorrow. To avoid this, it is important to prevent using the same proxy site several times. Examples of websites that you can use to visit the site are proxyvan, unblockmyspace, fsurf, proxify and blockfilter.

Another special way of accessing MySpace at school is by reconfiguring the Internet browser. This method is easy if you are using a laptop. With the use of the laptop, open the browser and connect with the use of a proxy. Go to the settings of the browser and fill the details needed to use a proxy. Afterwards, click ok or save then restart your laptop to visit the website.

Fast Ways

If you are having a hard time accessing the site with the use of a proxy, an easy way of visiting MySpace at school is by caching. Launch the browser and visit the search engine Google. Type the name of the social networking site and press enter. Results will appear on the screen. Choose the result that contains the site’s URL. Below the result is an option that says cache or caching. Click the option and you can access the content of the social networking site.

Finally, one of the unique ways of getting on MySpace at school is with the use of the IP address. Search the address that the administrator of the site is presently using. You can do this with the use of different search engines. Afterwards, type the address in the web address box and press enter. This is effective because some network administrators do not block the IP addresses of websites.