Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are quite common and you can find them almost anywhere you go. You’ll find them in your homes, supermarkets, restaurants, and other common places like grocery stores. It is a fact that either ripened or rotten vegetables and fruits commonly attract them wherever these may be found. Another nasty fact is that their food source also becomes their breeding ground eventually. If you want to learn of easy ways to get rid of fruit flies then follow our tips below.

Eliminate the Attraction

One of the easy ways to get rid of fruit flies is to get rid of the source of their attraction, rotten or ripened fruit/vegetables. So if you have some left over fruit it should always go into the fridge and not left to sit outside. Fruit that has been damaged or otherwise opened serve as breeding ground for fruit flies. Take note that a thousand fruit flies can be bread in just one piece of opened fruit. Keep your fruit inside the fridge to avoid an infestation.

Use Vinegar

Using vinegar is one of the easy ways to get rid of fruit flies. What you basically need is apple cider vinegar. Just a few drops of vinegar would be enough to drive fruit flies into it. Fruit flies are also attracted to the smell of cider vinegar. Place some of your vinegar in a clean jar and put a paper funnel on top instead of the lid. This jar is now converted into a trap to catch fruit flies. Bring the jar wherever the flies tend to congregate. As an added touch, you can add a mixture of liquid dishwashing soap and make bubbles to help trap them in. If you don’t have an available jar you can use a bowl that has a lid on it.

Suffocate Them

This may sound like a drastic move but it really is one of the easy ways to get rid of fruit flies. Simmer ground sugar and some milk and then place them in a shallow bowl. Flies will get attracted to it and eventually they will suffocate because of the fumes.

Use Your Oven

Now this is one of the really drastic yet easy ways to get rid of fruit flies. Your oven will act as a trap for the unsuspecting flies. Place any ripe fruit inside the oven while leaving the door open. Allow the fruit flies to congregate and then close the door. Next you turn up the heat and kill the trapped flies.