Ways to Help Call Handling Time

Ways to Help Call Handling Time

Working as a call center operator is a very demanding job. You want to be as productive and as efficient as possible. Doing so not only helps the company and gets you promotions and rewards, it also reduces stress for you.

Here we’ll show you the top ways to help call handling time. But first, let us explain how to calculate calling handling time and what it is. ACHT is the abbreviation for Average Call Handling Time. ACHT is the typical amount of time it takes for a single operator to resolve a customer phone call plus the after work that needs to be done once they hang up. Here is how you calculate ACHT:

Average call handling time formula: talking time + holding time + post call work time = total handling time

Talking time – This is when the operator speaks with the customer on the phone.
Holding time – After the initial talk, the operator puts the caller on hold to investigate the issue
Post call work time – The operator just doesn’t forget about the last customer call. He or she takes notes and makes a report.

Now you know how to calculate call handling time, let’s improve it.

Be an expert – Get to know your subject. Whether you are handling sales or technical support, you want to know as much about it as possible. You want to sound like somebody who really knows about these products first-hand. It will save you and the customer time. It’ll also improve your company’s image.

Work fast – To help reduce hold time, learn to move fast and think fast. Get to the customer info as soon as you can. When they give you their account details, listen closely and check it as you go. So they won’t have to repeat it. Again, get to know your subject well so you will know where to find the answers soonest.

Notes on the go
– Take notes on what’s said and done for the whole duration of the call. The more notes you take, the easier it will be for you to make a report afterwards. Shorthand and stickies are helpful.

Concentrate on one area of the call at a time. One week work on cutting your holding time, next week the talk time. You can do this as an individual employee to boost your performance record. Or you can work together with the call center supervisor and other agents. Discuss ways to help call handling time so you can all work more efficiently.