Ways to Increase Gas Mileage

With oil prices rising high and the economy crashing down, it’s no wonder people are thinking of creative ways to increase gas mileage. The good news is you don’t need to be a master mechanic to know how. A lot of it is just common sense and good planning.

Here are the best ways to increase gas mileage. You will not only save gas and money here, you’ll also be a better driver.

Keep well below speed limits. The slower you drive, the more gas mileage you earn.

Drive safely and follow traffic signals. Don’t go jackrabbit or try beating the red light. Anticipate where and when traffic signals are coming on and respond on time.

Turn off your vehicle… when not in use. If you’re stopping by a store to grab a can of soda, turn off your vehicle anyway. It will add up over time and save you gas mileage.

Plan your trips
. This is one of the top ways to increase gas mileage. It also helps make your vehicle last longer. Do you need to return a book to the library? Then put off buying that new DVD drive until then. Do you drink milk like a calf? Buy yourself two jugs instead of one when you’re at the market.

Travel lightly. Don’t leave any unnecessary loads in your vehicle’s trunk or roof. Keeping it light will increase gas mileage by 2% to 5%.

Keep your vehicle in top condition. Check the engine and make sure it’s always tuned. Change the oil and filters, and see to it your tires are well-inflated and positioned. Always follow your owner’s manual instructions for the best results. This is especially important for the motor oil. You want to use the exact grade recommended in the owner’s manual. Also look for “energy saving” logos as this can also cut down on pollution.

Look out for alternatives. If you can, shop around for vehicles that use alternative sources of fuel. Ultimately the best way to increase gas mileage is to not depend on gas anymore. However alternative fuel vehicles or AFVs might not be as powerful as standard gasoline-ran models. So look closely.

Now when looking for more ways to increase gas mileage, be careful about gas-saving products. They may not be able to do as they claim, and may even damage your vehicle. Don’t try to save gas and then have to pay for an expensive repair or even a new car later on.