Ways to Lace Etnies

There are actually dozens of ways to lace Etnies shoes, each one more interesting than the last. Here are some of the methods and techniques you can use when you go skateboarding.

The Basic Lace

Place one end of the lace between your index finger and thumb. Place the lace in one of the eyelets nearest the bottom of the shoe. Begin by going from the outer part to the inner sections of the shoe. Repeat this with the other lace. You’re doing this right when knotting below the shoe’s tongue becomes easy.

Make certain the lace on both sides is equal. Now hold the lace between your thumb and index finger. Set the lace over the shoe tongue. Again you should go from outside to the inside.

When using this way to lace Etnies shoes, do not lace the last one. Continue lacing until you get to the final eyelet. Put the shoe on and tighten it as much as needed.

Take off the shoe. Fasten a knot on each lace. This needs to be as near the eyelet as possible. Take off the insole and put any excessive lace there. If the lace beneath the insole makes you uncomfortable, just cut it off.

Note: always wear durable laces when skateboarding. If the laces come off, you could get seriously hurt.

Other Lacing Techniques

There are other ways to lace Etnies shoes. One is by criss crossing. Criss crossing with Etines shoes is very similar to the way you do it with regular shoes. After criss crossing the laces, you can make a bow at the tongue or behind it. Another technique you can use is bar lacing.

Bar lacing (also called straight lacing) has the laces going across the eyelets in a horizontal manner. You put the lace at the bottom in a straight manner. The laces on both ends are entered into the eyelets also straight. Each lace side will go over one eyelet until the two laces meet up.

Another way to lace Etnies shoes is via the straight lace method. Here one lace is concealed in the shoe’s side. The other lace is inserted into the eyelets. The European lace is a bit more complex. After putting the lace at the bottom, the laces are inserted in the eyelets in a straight and then criss crossing manner.

Ladder Lacing and Others

In ladder lacing the laces are connected vertically by the sides. At the eyelet level they cross in a horizontal manner. The spider web lacing is similar to the ladder. The only difference is that the laces aren’t vertically set on the eyelets. The lines are instead diagonal.

The knotted segment is similar to criss crossing. The only difference is that there is a knot made in the middle section. The twisty lace utilizes all the eyelets. In addition it also adds a twist at the top and lower parts.

These are just some of the different ways to lace Etnies shoes. Have fun trying them out and seeing which best fits you. Afterwards, you can experiment and make up your own knots.