Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

There are a lot of ways to enable people to lower blood pressure. Whether you’re looking for easy ways or natural ways in order to prevent high blood pressure it simply boils down to adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some of the thing you can do include a healthy eating plan, physical activity, maintain that healthy weight, consuming less salt, quitting smoking, and moderate drinking if not completely abstaining from it.

Eating Healthy

There is much evidence in research that points out the benefits of a healthy eating plan. With it you can lower blood pressure and prevent developing it if you haven’t got it already. Studies have seen that certain types of food can reduce an elevated blood pressure. The said types of food include vegetables, fruits, dairy foods that are low in the amount of saturated and/or total fat, and foods that are low on cholesterol. A healthy eating plan basically includes fish, nuts, poultry, and whole grains.

Sodium Reduction

Take note that not everyone’s blood pressure tends to rise with an increased amount of sodium intake. You should however check with your doctor if you’re blood pressure is indeed affected by an increased salt intake. However, it is interesting to note that a lot of Americans consume more salt than they really need.

One of the natural ways to lower blood pressure is to lower your sodium intake. It is recommended that people should avoid consuming more than 2.4 grams/day. In fact you should take in even less than 2.4 grams, which is actually about a teaspoon. Part of the total salt you take in will include the ones included in cooking your food.

Healthy Weight

One of the natural ways to lower blood pressure is to maintain a healthy weight. Those who become overweight run the risk of getting high blood pressures. It has been observed that as your weight increases so does your blood pressure rises. A good goal for those who already have an elevated blood pressure is to lose 10 pounds. Before signing up for an exercise regimen, check with your doctor. Sometimes just increasing your physical activity will help.

Limit the Alcohol

Another of the natural ways to lower blood pressure is to limit the amount of alcohol you intake. If you do so, you do not only lower an elevated blood pressure, you also help your heart, brain, and especially your liver. Limit your drinks to about 12 ounces of beer, five ounces of wine, or one and a half ounces of whiskey.

Quit Smoking

This may be one of the toughest of the natural ways to lower blood pressure. It is interesting to note that quitting also includes getting rid of filtered cigarettes. Smoking may not directly increase your blood pressure, it however tends to injure your blood vessel walls. It also quickens the hardening of the arteries.