Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Having a high level of cholesterol is somewhat fatal and your doctor will really put you under a medication to lower your cholesterol to a safe level. Even if you are already under some medication, it is still best if you give heed to the different ways possible to lower your cholesterol level.

Drink Your Orange Juice

Drinking two to three glasses of orange each day especially in the morning is one of the different ways to lower your cholesterol. Two glasses of sterol-fortified orange juice or three glasses of any orange juice can help in your endeavor in lowering the cholesterol in your body.

Six Small Meals in a Day

Study shows that if you eat six or more small meals on a daily basis, you will notably lower your cholesterol compared to those who ate twice or thrice a day in big portions. Just make sure that the meals are really small for this one of the different ways to be effective.

Have a Glass of Wine

A beer a day or a glass of wine each dinner time helps in increasing your HDL cholesterol level. It should be red wine because it has more saponins in it which helps to lower your cholesterol.

Some Whole Grain Bread Sandwiches

Another different ways to help in lowering your cholesterol is to limit your intake of simple carbohydrates and more intakes of complex carbohydrates. This is where the brown rice and whole grain bread come in handy.

Filter Your Coffee

Kahweol and cafestol are substances that are present in brewed coffee that will cause your cholesterol level to rise. Use filter papers to trap these substances from your coffee and avoid drinking espresso or brewed coffee from coffeemakers that don’t have any filter papers.

Be Liberal in Using Olive Oil

One of the different ways to lower your cholesterol is to use olive oil in your cooking. Olive oils have monounsaturated fat that helps greatly in reducing LDL cholesterol especially for those persons who have metabolic syndrome or diabetes.

Black Tea, Please!

Scientists have found that having a cup of black tea every four hours for about three weeks helps to lower your cholesterol level especially if you already have a level that is mildly high.

Oatmeal for Breakfast

One of the different ways to aid in lowering your cholesterol is to eat an oatmeal breakfast each morning. Oatmeal has cholesterol-lowering profit and different studies have already proven this one. Select the oatmeal that is old-fashioned or quick-cooking than the instant ones.