Ways to Meet Girls Online

Online dating requires as much social graces and work as ‘face-to-face’ dating does. In fact; because you do not meet the persons directly, it may be harder. This happens because in order to choose someone, from the onset you are forced to make the kinds of evaluations that ‘face-to-face’ dating facilitates only after meeting. Getting started can be simply by following these simple steps:

Find and Join a Suitable (Preferably Reputable) Site

The key to successful online dating is finding the site that works for you. Most dating sites carry a cost however some will have free offers, allow free services in some locations but not in others while some sites rely on advertizing for revenue hence offer their services to you absolutely free. There are sites you’ve never heard of that may be very successful so careful research is important. Check for the success rate, membership and site visit statistics (if available), peruse community board or blogs and always understand the terms and/or conditions being agreed to.

Create a Dating Profile

Once you’ve found the site that works for you, create a profile that reflects who you are. Depending on your computer skills this may be extremely simple or painstakingly difficult. Most sites have templates you can use and they allow you to view how your profile is displayed to others before you save the changes. The profile you have can say something about your personality (playful, artistic, more of a “in the box person” etc). Fact is, your profile is the first point of contact and some people will judge you by it.

Profile “Must Dos”

First, choose a user/profile name that grabs attention but try not to make it offensive. The caliber of the site will determine what’s best; some sites cater to an audience that is preoccupied with or focused on sex while some sites are use by persons looking for long term relationships/marriage. For the latter, a name with a strong sexual overtone may be a turn off.

Secondly, “Honesty is the Best Policy” is more than an annoying cliché; use it as words of wisdom when imputing profile information. It’s best to not get any matches based on the truth than to find matches that you are incompatible with. Not only will these make for many failed experiences and ‘bad date’ stories but it could also earn you a reputation you cannot afford to have unless you find the person you are looking for BEFORE the lie is expose.

Thirdly, since as vain as it sounds, looks will matter to the persons who will not meet you until going through your profile hence, many will make the process easy by deciding if they like your profile picture or not. So choose a good, clear one that you won’t mind looking at a few months from now. If you hate it or feel embarrassed by it then don’t post it because it’s all you have. Take a better photo!

Be Proactive

Don’t just sign up and forget it, actively pursue matches on the site. Go through profiles that you finding interesting, don’t just sit and wait for them to come to you. Sift through listings, eliminate undesirable choices and carefully proceed with the ones you like. Remember that people aren’t always who they say they are, if you ‘fibbed’ on your profile then this should be even easier to understand.

How to Seal the Deal

Once you’ve identified “the one” or persons you think may become that person, initiate contact. Be careful with what you say so you don’t come off as someone she should avoid or ignore, also be interesting. The profiles you go through should give you a good enough idea of who she is so follow any cues you may be getting. Don’t rush things; most girls you meet online will want the courtesy of choosing if and when she meets a potential date. Being forward or insisting on meeting in person may come across as being pushy, forceful, controlling or abrasive; none of which you want to be labeled as.

Finally, if an online dating experience ends in a successful date, continue to follow the rules (just tweak them so that are relevant in face-to-face situations). Remain honest, be yourself, pay keen attention to who she is, act appropriately and see where it goes. Remember never to rush.