Ways to Motivate Employees

Besides a pay raise, there are other special and unique ways to motivate employees. To inspire your employees, try to implement these suggestions and ideas.

Show Your Appreciation

Some companies like to give an employee of the month award. This can be in the form of a plaque. This is one way to show appreciation. But often, a plaque is not even necessary. When employees do something good, you can just say “Great job guys, keep it up!” A tap on the back or a round of applause will also be effective.

You can also send them an email saying thank you. Although these are simple gestures, it is one of the best ways to motivate employees, Let them know you’re not just someone who dishes out orders. Make them feel you’re someone who genuinely feels and cares for them.

Training is Key

This is very important. It boosts productivity and it also helps in motivating them. Make sure they attain new skills, but don’t shout at them in front of the others. Use these training sessions to remind them of career growth in the company.

Remind them of what opportunities await. That there is a bright future for them in the company will serve as further motivation.

A Pleasant Working Environment

Productivity will increase if the working conditions are pleasant. Setting up a comfortable workspace is one of the best ways to motivate employees. The work area should be spacious. Put some plants and flowers around them. There should be good ventilation / air condition. The temperature needs to be consistent.

You don’t need any fancy decorations, but the work space needs to be clear and clean. People will find it hard to work in a dingy and cramped place.

Gatherings and Seminars

Take advantage of seminars and team building occasions to boost your employees’ confidence. You can also use parties on special occasions (Christmas, Halloween etc) as opportunities to bond with your employees.

Have pictures of you and all the employees taken together. Put this on the office walls. This makes people feel like they belong to a group. By including yourself, you become “just one of the guys”.

Other Ways to Motivate Employees

Give your people a chance to display their leadership skills. When people come to visit, assign one of them to head the tour. Ask your employees for inputs on team projects. Ask their opinion on company plans that may affect them. Make them feel that they’re part of the process. Let your employees know their inputs are valued.

Holding talks about stress management is also a good idea. This shows your employees that you are concerned about their health. At the same time, learning to deal with stress will keep production level high. Set benchmarks and when they’re attained, give a reward. It can be early dismissals, longer lunch breaks etc.

Learning the ways to motivate employees is a vital part of your company’s success. These people are responsible for keeping the company running, so keep them inspired.