Ways to Please a Man

How do you make a man happy? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out! having said that, as a woman, you do need to adjust your way of thinking to a considerable extent. This is because what is pleasing to women need not necessarily apply for men also. Once you understand how he thinks, you will also know the most natural ways to please a man.

Useful Pointers Regarding Ways to a Man’s Heart

Do Not Expect Him to Change Drastically

One of the worst fears a man has about commitment is the lifestyle changes it would entail. Do not expect him to undergo a sea change in character. It is not practical to expect someone to completely give up their individuality. Of course, if he has a serious drinking issue or addiction, naturally, he will have to tackle it and make life altering changes. However, when it comes to certain idiosyncrasies or lapses, it is best to learn to accept him as he is and give him his space. For instance, do not force him to trash his erotic video collection. Avoid nagging him about his wardrobe and making him wear only the clothes you choose for him. Try to accept him with his strengths and weaknesses and do not attempt to change the man you fell in love with.

A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

One of the most natural ways to please a man is simply, make him feel like a man. If he buys you a present, tell him how wonderful it is even if it is not much to your liking. Praise him for the little things he does like doing dishes or writing poetry, even if they do not match up to your expected standards. If you keep putting a man down constantly, he will end up feeling inadequate. Make a conscious effort to acknowledge and appreciate simple gestures. This will surely help to cement your bond firmly.

Let Your Hair Down and Have Fun With Him

One of the really cool ways to please a man is to have fun together. Learn to laugh at his jokes even if they are crude. Enjoy a ball game with him once in a while. Spend a little time with him in the garage or work shop. If you show an interest in his hobbies, he will appreciate and want to interact more with you.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Generally, women tend not to need to make love as often as men would like to do it. Unfortunately, this causes some women to take this part of the relationship for granted. If you want quick ways to please a man, this is one of them. Brush up on your Kama Sutra!

Way to His Heart Through the Stomach

Yes, cooking is one of the oldest tried and tested tricks in the book. And sure does it work! How do you make a man happy? Give him food, one of life’s greatest pleasures. Men have bigger appetites than women, so it is extra important to feed him on time and feed him well. Find out which cuisine he likes best and learn to make them really well. Your reward will be a happy, contented partner in your arms.

Keep the above mentioned tips in mind. They will surely enable you to win your man over and lay the foundation for a strong, reliable and happy relationship.

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