Ways to Please a Woman

It may be difficult to learn all the routes that lead to a woman’s heart, however, learning some of the ways to please a woman will surely help you lay a firm foundation for your relationship. You could use the following tips and suggestions in your endeavors to do so.

Tips to Win Your Woman

Let us look at a few useful tips that are bound to make your woman feel special and loved.

Tell Her You Love Her

Do not just mouth the words, ‘I love you’. Say them with genuine feeling. Most of time, men forget to use these three precious little words without realizing how magical they can be. Do not use these words only on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Surprise your woman by sending her a romantic ecard or message. Or you could even send her a simple yet eloquent text message saying how much you love her. Remember, it is these small but significant reminders that go a long way in cementing relationships.

Practice Good Personal Hygiene

While going on a date, you should dress as neatly as possible. Remember to comb your hair, brush your teeth and wear a pleasing cologne, among other things. One of the most special ways to please a woman is to appear your dapper best when you take her out. This does not just make you more attractive but it also conveys a vital message to your lady love. By taking care to dress well for the occasion, you let her know that this is a special evening for you and you want everything to be nothing less than the best.

Do Not Forget Special Dates

Do not forget to buy her something on special days. These include Valentine’s Day, her birthday, wedding anniversary and so on. The gift does not need to be expensive. The fact that you remembered the date and took the time and effort to buy her a little something, should please her immensely.

Do the Household Chores

Offer to do the dishes and the other household chores. This will mean a lot to her. Some guys do not realize just how hard these tasks can be. Tell your love she can have the day off while you do the chores. The fact that you are willing to do this, even after a tiring day of work, will make her love you even more. This is definitely one of the unique ways to please a woman.

Dinner or the Movies

A surefire way to bring a smile to your lady love’s face is by taking her to the movies. For married couples, this will bring back memories of the days when you were courting her. You can also take her to a romantic restaurant. If you have a tight budget, you can have a romantic dinner at home. You can get copies of the old movies the two of you had watched during your dating days. Watch it together and reminisce. This is sure to bring back pleasant memories and it will definitely touch your lady love’s heart for sure.

Buy Her Special Gifts

Most women do not ask for any special or lavish gifts, but give her some just the same. Go shopping with her and note the item she likes, without being too obvious. It could be jewelry, a new dress, a fancy bag or anything else, that catches her attention. Do not say anything but purchase it for her later, preferably for a special day / occasion. The fact that you remembered and noted what she had desired will strike all the right chords for the love of your life!

Other Ways to Please a Woman

Here are some more simple but very effective ways to win your woman over.

  • When it comes to sex, ask her what she wants. If she is too shy, encourage her to talk about it. Let her know that her sexual satisfaction matters to you too.
  • Never forget to say thank you. This can be when she gives you a massage, after she makes you dinner, irons your clothes or just about anything.
  • These little gestures are important to her. If you have children, tell her how much you appreciate her efforts to raise the kids, take care of you and hold the family together.
  • These are some of the best and most romantic ways to please a woman. By being genuine, sensitive and at times, more demonstrative, you can pave the way for many glorious and harmonious years of happiness with your chosen one.