Ways to Prevent a Stroke

A blood pressure of not more than 120/80 is a healthy one. Persons having a healthy blood pressure have lesser risk of experiencing a stroke compared to those persons who are hypertensive or have a high blood pressure. Study shows that women aged 55 and above are more susceptible to hypertension compared to men of the same age group. To avoid experiencing a stroke, learn the natural ways to prevent a stroke from happening.

Regular Exercise

A physically active man or woman has a lower risk for stroke. Exercise is a natural way to trim down your blood pressure because it will strengthen the heart. A strong heart will be efficient in pumping the blood around the body thus lowering the blood pressure which helps prevent a stroke to occur. Regular exercise also helps in controlling the cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of diabetes development. Both of these illnesses will contribute to a higher risk of stroke.

Be a Moderate Drinker

There is really no clear reason why alcohol causes a person’s blood pressure to rise thus increasing the risk for a stroke. However, there are researches that show that drinking alcohol more than twice a day has a relation to the occurrence of subarachnoid hemorrhage. This is a fatal kind of stroke because a blood vessel located on the brain surface ruptures. You will also be prone to ischemic stroke if you have large alcohol intake in your body. Therefore, drinking moderately is one of the natural ways to prevent a stroke.

Control Weight Gain

To prevent a stroke from occurring, learn how to control your weight starting today. This is a natural way to keep your self fit and healthy. If you are 18 years old and above and you have already gained about 22 pounds or more, then your risk for a stroke is getting higher.

Go for a Healthy Diet

The most natural way to prevent a stroke is to eat five or more servings of vegetables and fruits in a daily basis. A diet that is high in cholesterol and saturated fats will eventually raise the level of your blood cholesterol. With a high level of blood cholesterol, the arteries will be blocked and clotting will occur. Also avoid taking in sodium in excess because it is a major contributor to high blood pressure.

Stop Being a Smoker

Research has shown that two years after a smoker quits smoking, the risk for a stroke is significantly decreased. And after five years of quitting the habit, the risk is totally lowered to the level of the nonsmoker people. Being a nonsmoker is certainly a natural way for many people to prevent a stroke. The nicotine and carbon monoxide that the smoker intakes are very harmful to the body’s cardiovascular system which can lead to higher chances of a stroke.