Ways to Prevent School Violence

There are several ways to prevent school violence, and educators need to be aware of them. Rather than react, taking preventive steps is a much better solution to the problem.

Assume Total Responsibility

Make an effort to monitor student activities in the halls. Spend time in between classes and observe what’s going on in the halls. Make sure you break up even the slightest alteration between two groups. Don’t ignore the trash talking incidents in the hall. These can be the start of trouble.

Ban Stereotyping

As a teacher you must never allow this situation to happen. Let the students know that labeling or stereotyping is absolutely forbidden. Let everyone know that religious and racial prejudices will not be tolerated. Religion and race are very sensitive issues. This rule is therefore one of the best ways to prevent school violence.

Keep Your Ears Open

Listen to what the students are saying in class. There is no such thing as private conversation in class. Make a note of any threatening conversations you may hear. If it sounds serious, inform the school administrator immediately.

If a student comes to you with information on this matter, pay close attention. If you’re a student, you must inform the teacher. Don’t think that that person is just talking trash. Take any talks and speeches about shooting people seriously. These warnings signs are very important and must be considered.

Look for Violence Indicators

Cases of violent behavior are accompanied by various signs. These include losing interest in school, depression and mood changes. One of the most effective ways to prevent school violence is to monitor students’ behavior.

The major indicators are being quick to anger, anger expressed in writing, poems or their website. Ask their friends if the person talks about killing himself / herself.

Discuss the Issue with Students

One of the reasons violent incidents occur is due to lack of open communication. Make sure your students know what school violence is about and why it happens. Most important, you must tell them the danger signs and what to do. By all means encourage them to speak out. If they have problems, persuade them to talk about it.

Other Ways to Prevent Violence

One of the best ways to prevent school violence is by teaching anger management. Let your students know you can fix problems without resorting to violence. Having an anger management program is essential. Also make it a point to consult the parents.

Get them involved with the school’s anti violence program. Call them up if there is potential trouble with their son / daughter. If there’s a problem, the parents must know.

This point can’t be stressed enough; parents, teachers and students need to work together to resolve this situation. In light of increasing school violence, the slightest signs should be avoided.

There are numerous ways to prevent school violence. It’s important that you take the steps to implement them now. While the problem is pervasive, these suggestions can prevent it from happening.