Ways to Propose Marriage

When you’re ready to share your whole life with your partner, then, you know that it is already time to make a proposal. But not just any marriage proposal will do for you. That is why you need to learn some of the most memorable ways to propose marriage to your mate.

What creative ways can you use?

One of the top ways of popping the question is to take your partner to see a play at a theatre and make a secret arrangement with the stage manager that you will ask your partner to marry you on the stage. A most appropriate time to do that is to make your proposal after the final curtain.

You may also choose to propose to your loved one by showing up at your partner’s office armed with roses, chocolates, a bottle of champagne, glasses, and the engagement ring that you will present to your mate.

Another way is to send your proposal to your partner via a singing telegram and then walk in after the person pops the question for you.

Everyone likes receiving presents so why not have your own self gift wrapped and sent to your partner’s home or place of work? You may have to cut the bottom of that large box you will use so you can get in the box from the bottom. Be sure that this large parcel is nicely wrapped at the top and sides so your partner wouldn’t suspect anything. Have a colleague or room mate of your partner inform your loved one that a large gift has arrived. Then jump out when the top of the box is unwrapped and make your loving proposal.

A nice weekend together may also be a good idea for asking your partner to marry you. Do it on the last day of your holiday together to make it more perfect and unforgettable.

Breakfast in bed also does the trick. But you may have to get up ahead of your loved one to prepare this. Include a long-stemmed rose with your partner’s favorite meal. Kiss your partner gently to rouse your mate from sleep and then pop the question as you present that hearty breakfast you made with love.

A quick way to propose is to give your partner a soothing foot massage. Slowly massage at first. Then, surprise your mate by placing a ring on your partner’s toe and then pop the question.

So don’t fret when you have to pop the question. Make your proposal extra special with these simple ways to propose marriage.