Ways to Quit Smoking

There are lots of chemical products and drugs out there that a smoker can use to quit smoking. They are really convincing but there are some things that smokers have missed out like to use the natural ways to quit smoking.

Listed below are the three famous natural ways that smokers can choose from to overcome their nicotine addiction.

1. Herbal Methods

There is an herbal supplement that is also a good anti-depressant and it is called St. John’s Wort. Medical experts have find out that this herb not only help depression but also assist smokers to limit their cravings to smoke. This alternative and natural way is getting popular nowadays among those who want to quit smoking.

The herb has the capability to raise the dopamine levels in the brain. Not only those depressed people lose their dopamine levels but also smokers who quit smoking. Lower dopamine levels mean increase cigarette cravings and also depression. A smoker now has a natural way to quit smoking and fight against cravings on a form of a powder or pill.

2. Hypnotherapy

Majority of quit smoking programs deal mainly on nicotine replacements but they don’t really deal with the addiction problem at hand. That is why lots of smokers have a hard time fighting their cravings psychologically.

Hypnotherapy is different because it fights nicotine addiction psychologically. The subconscious mind is the center of this natural way to quit smoking. The smoker is put under a relaxed and an alternate state. Then the therapist will instill a message in the mind of the smoker to stay away from any cigarettes and keep away from any psychological dependencies. Music is sometimes added in the background to really make the smoker fall deeper in his subconscious mind.

3. Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is considered to be the most popular method to quit smoking. The procedure is really forthright and that is to quit smoking and not take any form of drugs or chemical products. All it involves is your strong will power to stop smoking instantly.

Cold Turkey is also the hardest natural way to quit smoking because it is a sudden cessation and not a gradual one. You will just have to drink lots of water to help flush the toxins from your body. When cravings arise, look for alternate substances to intake like fruit juices or turning your attention to other things. It is best that you keep yourself busy so you will not have the time to think of smoking. All of these really depend on the strength of the person’s will power.