Ways to Raise Money

Difficult economic situations require people to come up with creative ways to raise money. If your project is strapped for cash, here are some suggestions on how to raise some capital and funding.

Setup a Website

The Internet is the fastest way to reach out to the largest number of people. There are several companies that can design a website for you. Actually you can make a website yourself. There are free programs you can download to help you create a site in a few hours.

Here are some suggestions: state your goal clearly. The appeal letter should be direct to the point. It should also point out the reason why you need the funds. Of course, the donation options should be stated plainly.

Spreading the Message

When thinking of ways to raise money, you need to implement the right strategies so people will know about it. Include the email in the website. Send the email and URL to your friends, colleagues, family and so on. Explain your goals. Ask them to forward the email and the URL to their friends and email contacts.

Use Social Networking Sites

Aside from your website, open an account in a social networking site. Do not restrict yourself to just one such networking site. You can have pages on Facebook, Multiply, Friendster and so on. These sites generate a lot of traffic. As you get friends on your list, inform them of the fund-raising project. Ask them to tell their friends, and word will soon spread.

Make a Donation Yourself

Prove your dedication to the cause by donating cash. This is one of the best ways to raise money. By showing you are willing to donate, people will realize that you are serious about the whole thing.

Selling on the Net

You can also raise funds by selling things online. Some online stores will allow you to set up your own virtual store. However, that is not really necessary. You can just post the items and sell them. Tell your friends about it. Encourage them to sell things they no longer need. The money earned can be used to fund the project.

Apart from selling online, you can also hold bake sales or peddle old books. You and your friends can hold auctions too. Other ways to raise money include selling stuff to your coworkers. These can consist of food, clothes or other items.

Other Suggestions

If you can draw or paint, you can sell these items to your friends. Or, you can post them online and sell them. Another way is to host a golf tourney. You and your buddies can get together to host this event.

Instead of using pocket change to play poker, why not just donate the money? The money you use to buy cigarettes can be donated instead. One of the most popular ways to raise funds is running / walking competitions. Participants will be required to pay registration fees, the proceeds of which will go to the project.

The bottom line: there are still ways to raise money, but you need to be more creative. Even in tough times, you will see that people will be willing to donate cash and time to worthy causes.