Ways to Tease a Guy

Are you new to flirting? Don’t fret. You just need to pay attention to the cool ways of teasing a guy so you can get your clues without fuss. Remember, it pays to know the natural ways of teasing and/or flirting to be able to get what you want without having to appear too obvious. Here are some of the most creative ways of teasing your guy and get asked on a date in the process. That is, if you’re both lucky and effective!

1: Do everything to look your best. Flirting is all about making an impression. Do everything in your strength to look your best and for sure, your guy would notice it. Learn the art of showing off by bringing your best foot forward, from your outfit down to your posture.

2: Guys would love great conversations
. A guy interested in you would always try to make you laugh. He would also gather all of his mind’s strength to keep you in on an interesting word exchange. That’s about everything you need to do to make the same impression.

3: One of the best ways to tease a guy is making physical contact as subtle as you can make it appear to.
In the middle of the conversation, never be afraid to lean towards him or whisper in his ear and for sure, you will see him starry-eyed.

4: Make an ‘I-like-you’ mix of smile and eye contact
. This is one of the most romantic ways to send the message that you are hot for this guy or that. Unless your guy does not have common sense, he will impress this as a telltale sign that the guy is flirting with you. Constantly look for his eyes so it meets with yours and give him a smile even when he is far across the room.

5: If you’ve got a chance, try tussling his hair. It pays to be touchy in this kind of game. Better yet, combine your soft touches with tender glances. Pay attention to specific parts of his body. If you like his eyes, his lips, or his arms, take a moment for your stare to linger there. At some point, you could touch any of those parts that steal your attention. That’s a way to test whether he is getting the signals right or not. It will also make you assess the situation and see if he is a willing victim of your teasing game.