Ways to Tell a Guy Likes You

Signs a guy likes a girl aren’t always easy to read. Every guy is different. But if you bring together a group of girls from your school, workplace or neighborhood, there’s little doubt they’ll come up with a list of ways to tell a guy likes you. It will be something similar to this:

Watch his body language and speech. Often when if a guy likes you, he is nervous around you. Observe his mannerisms and the tone of his voice. If he stammers, gropes for the right words or plays with his hands and such, it’s a safe bet he is interested in you. At the very least, he is intimidated by your presence. The only exception to this is if he is shy and nervous as a rule anyway. So note how he relates to others as well (in contrast to you).

Look for improvements in his behavior. A sure sign a guy likes a girl is if he starts dressing well when he knows she’s going to be around. He combs his hair well and puts on his best clothes. When he talks to you, he won’t swear or talk dirty. Guys know girls are more averse to rough language than they are.

Listen to what other people say.
One of the quickest ways to tell a guy likes you is if he starts asking other people about you. Guys aren’t curious by nature, and if they ask a question, there has to be a reason behind it. If he is friends with a friend, colleague or relative of yours and they tell you he’s been asking where you’re from, if you have a boyfriend, etc. it’s a dead give away.

Try to get close to him. A sign a guy likes you is that he doesn’t mind if you invade his space. That’s not normal behavior because guys are territorial. Try moving a bit closer to him, or pretend to bump him accidentally. If he looks more pleased than offended, you know what’s up.

See if he’ll ask you out
. Be friendly with him and start a chat. This is the easiest way to tell a guy likes you. He will ask you out. Believe it or not, lots of guys are too scared or nervous to ever ask out a girl they like.

Listen for compliments
. Guys often don’t know what to say to girls they like. A common choice is to just praise a girl about how she looks.

Watch his eyes
. A confident guy will want eye contact. One more shy will look at you only when he thinks you can’t see.

Listen in. A sure sign a guy likes a girl is he opens up to her and shares his secrets. If you meet a guy who does this with you, you can bet he is attracted to you. Especially if he is shy and withdrawn. If you make him feel comfortable in this, it may not be long before he confesses his feelings to you.

It is much easier to tell if a guy likes you if he is bold and confident. If he is shy, it’s harder to do. But girls have a strong instinct for these things. If you have a feeling he is interested, you’re probably right. Use these guidelines to prove it!