Ways to Test Muscular Endurance

Building muscles requires consistent efforts. Muscular endurance can defined as the ability of your muscles to continue working / contracting repeatedly for a considerable period of time, without relenting to fatigue. Knowing your muscular endurance will also help you assess your fitness level.

Some Ways to Test Muscular Endurance

The following includes some of the methods that can be used to determine muscular endurance.

The Body Weight Percentage Method

As the name suggests, the body-weight percentage method takes into account the individual’s body weight. This is then applied to the exercises used to target specific muscle groups. A fitness assessment guide is used to arrive at the right numbers. V. H. Heyward’s assessment guide applies the following figures with regard to the body weight percentages and appropriate exercises:

Exercise                        Men                                      Women

  • bench press                  66% of body weight          50% of body weight
  • leg extension               50% of body weight         50% of body weight
  • leg curl                         33% of body weight          33% of body weight
  • triceps extension         33% of body weight         33% of body weight
  • barbell biceps curl      33% of body weight         33% of body weight

The Battery test Method

The battery test method uses a set of specific exercises to assess an individual’s muscular endurance. The test will assess the number of times these exercises can be repeated by the person, keeping in mind, his / her body weight percentage. The number of times the person successfully repeats the exercises is then compared to the norm expected to match.

The One Rep Method

The one rep method is also referred to as 1 RM or the 1-repetition maximum method. When you begin, a fitness expert or trainer will have you lift about 40-60% your estimated maximum weight. You will be asked to do exercises such as bench press in order to lift weights, 5-10 times. You will be given a break for two minutes after which, the load will be increased to 60-80%. You will be expected to do the lifts 3-5 times. Continuing this pattern, you will be given short periods of respite and the weight will be consistently incremented until you manage to lift the entire weight at least one time. The maximum weight you manage to take becomes the benchmark for your muscle endurance. The resistance level depends on the individual. Usually this is 70% of the single repetition. If you can lift 150 lbs, the endurance test will be 105 lbs.

The Absolute Muscle Endurance Test

This method involves the person lifting a fixed load over a specific period. This method is often used by firefighters, policemen and military personnel. The item carried usually consists of a backpack weighing 100 lbs or so. The person carries it over a specified distance. This technique is used to determine a person’s strength. It does not account for the body mass.

Callisthenic Exercises

Callisthenic exercises includes one of the most popular ways to test muscular endurance. Calisthenics involve pushups, crunches and other similar exercises. You will see this often in military training exercises. This technique is also effective because it evaluates both physical endurance and body mass. This is crucial when it comes to emergency situations or combat.

Muscular Endurance Tests

There are several kinds of tests that can be employed to test muscular endurance. In some of these tests, the muscles are forced to remain under strain for specific periods. Examples include tug of war, wall climbing and weight training. The repetitive dynamic contraction has the muscles performing similar contractions. These include running, swimming and biking.

When assessing the ways to test muscular endurance, prolonged, intense contractions remains the key factor. Here, the muscles are given breaks but followed by long periods of contractions. Several other activities can be used to hone an individual’s muscular endurance. These will include football, ice hockey, weight training and various other sports activities.

Tips and Warnings

Keep the following tips and points while working towards developing your muscular endurance.

  • Working out is necessary, however, it is advisable to consult a physician and do this the correct way.
  • It will take time for the muscles to grow so you should be willing to persistently work towards it without giving up. This requires intense hard work and patience.
  • It is also crucial that you eat a well balanced, healthy diet to make sure that your work out regime is effective.
  • Be careful when you work out. Do not overextend your weight training just to develop muscles quickly. Give your body enough time to develop the muscles.

Knowing the ways to test muscular endurance is necessary to keep track of your fitness development. It is a vital step to determining just how far along you have progressed in your workout program.