Ways to Tie a Scarf

A scarf isn’t just something you wear to feel warm during the winter season. It can also be used to make a fashion statement. Here are some fun and creative ways to tie a scarf and get yourself noticed.

Loose Tie

To use the loose tie method, allow the middle portion of the scarf to fall on your neck’s back area. Adjust it so the length is equal on both sides. Grab one end (A) and bring it to the other end (B). Put A under B. Next, raise A up and make a knot. Modify the knot so that they are of the same length and facing down.

This knot works best if you’re wearing a jacket. It also works on people who don turtlenecks. Try this too when you wear a high collar jacket.

Twice Around Ascot

This is one of the easy ways to tie a scarf. Drape the scarf and put it around your neck. The scarf should be hung with equal lengths around the neck. Take one side (A) and put it over the other (B). Allow A to go under B.

Put A on the front and let it pass B. This will create a knot. Hold both sides and push them forward. Almost any scarf can be used, but a long one will make it easier.

The Slip Knot

Fold the knot twice so you can create a hoop. Put the scarf around your neck. The hoop should be on one side. To use this way to tie a scarf, you’ve got to take one end and take it towards the hoop. Put this through the hoop.

Fasten it as tight as you want. If the scarf is too long, fold the scarf in half when you make the first fold. You can wear this scarf while donning a jacket. You can also put the scarf in the jacket if you want to zip it up.

The Simple Knot

Make a basic knot fold and place it around your neck. Drop it to your shoulders. Make sure they’re of equal length. Take one side (A) and create a knot. Put the other side (B) through A. Tighten it as much as you want.

Other Ways to Tie a Scarf

You can tie the scarf as you would with a tie. This is best done with a light scarf. This looks real good when used with business attire. The twice around knot is another popular choice. You just put the scarf on your neck. The ends should be to your back.

Now cross the scarf so the ends are now to the front. If it’s cold tighten it. If not, just keep it loose.

The toss is another way. Wear the scarf so that one end is longer than the other (about a foot longer). Take the longer end and toss it up. Allow it to land on the other end. As you can see there are so many ways to tie a scarf; you just need to be a little creative.