Ways to Unblock Myspace

Ways to Unblock MySpace

So you’re looking for easy ways to unblock MySpace in your school’s computers? You can do that if you know how to use a proxy server. But you have to remember that this is an improper thing to do, not to mention it can get you in trouble if you’re caught. Whatever you do with MySpace, it can’t be so urgent that it can’t wait until you get back home. It would be more worthwhile to visit such useful websites as Project Gutenberg or Wikipedia.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll say there are two types of websites you can surf: the first are those websites you only browse through; the second you sign in to with a username and password. The former type can be unblocked in one of several ways. The latter requires you to know how to use a proxy server and where to find a good one.

To unblock non-member websites, you can try accessing their cached versions. Go to Google and enter the name of the website in the search box. When the site turns up in the results, click on the “cached” page. You can access even the MySpace and other sign-in sites, but you won’t be able to log in to your account.

Another easy way to unblock websites is with electronic translation tools like Babelfish. You’ll be viewing the page through the translation tool, so that’s why this works.

You can also try using download managers like Teleport Ultra.

As for the second type of website. The quick way to unblock MySpace-like sites is with a proxy. A proxy masks your network’s real IP address while you surf. You need to find proxies that your school doesn’t know about. Schools are always banning known proxy IPs. So if you do find a good proxy, don’t tell other people about it. Go to the proxy site and type in the URL of the site you want to access and off you go.

Now there is a great risk to using proxy servers. When you use a proxy, you expose the computer you’re on to that server and trusting it with whatever information you transmit, such as your MySpace username and password. This alone should give you pause.

If you’re tech-savvy enough, you can set up your own proxy server at home. Make sure it’s connected to the internet at the time you’re going to use it remotely. Now type you server’s IP address in the other computer. You’ll now have a way to unblock MySpace and you know no one will hack into your account. It’s your own server.