Ways to Unblock Websites

Unblocking websites is a difficult but rewarding task when it comes to using personal computers or laptops. By learning the skills in accessing restricted and blocked pages, you can easily get information whether you need this for personal reasons or not. In order to acquire these skills, it is important to start with exploring the various effective ways of unblocking websites. If you are new to this task, you can begin with learning the steps in unblocking web pages with the use of cache, proxies, IP number and the URL redirection service.

Easy Ways

One of the quick ways of accessing blocked sites is through caching. This method is easy since you only need an Internet browser and connection to do this. The first step is to open the browser and search the website that you want to unblock with the use of a search engine. Afterwards, look for the search result that contains the URL of the site that you want to access. Instead of selecting the search result, click the label that says cache. A new page with the cache form of the site will appear on the browser.

Another effective and fast way of unblocking websites is with the use of URL redirection service. This can be done by checking a web page that offers this special service. Examples of the web sites are shorturl.com and tinyurl.com. You need to provide and type in a URL that will serve as a new web address that will be used to visit restricted and blocked sites. Wait until the system has verified the availability of the new address. If it is still available, you should answer the registration form and indicate the site that you are trying to access. Choose the basic account to start using the service.

Best Ways

The best way of accessing restricted sites is by proxies. To do this, you have to search for free proxies that you can use. Visit the sites of the proxies and indicate the URL of the web page that you like to access. Select the tab that indicates go to visit blocked websites.

Finally, you can also use the IP address method. This method allows you to access web sites with the use of the Internet Protocol address. When using the method, you have to search for the IP address that the site is currently using. After finding the address, type it in the address box and press enter.