Ways to Workout at Home

Many people want to know how to exercise at home. But they think they’re too busy or don’t have enough room or equipment. In truth, there are many unique and easy ways to workout at home. And you don’t even need a gym for it, nor does it need to take up too much time. You just need to be a little creative, and most of all, determined to stay healthy.

First of all, how do you make time for home workouts? You don’t need to make time! You already have it. When you’re checking your e-mail. When you’re waiting for the oven timer to go off. When you go to the store. When you’re standing in line at the bank. When your newborn baby is asleep.

Sneak in simple home workouts into these 5-15 minute breaks. For instance, if you’re pregnant you can do Kegel exercises while watching over the frying pan. Instead of driving to the mailbox, go jogging in the morning for it. Whenever you get a break, do freehand stretches. While watching TV, don’t just sit on the couch. Set up a treadmill in front of it. Or make an open space where you can do yoga postures or lift weights. How many hours do you spend watching TV? You need only 30 minutes a day for home workouts. When you get hungry, go over to the kitchen yourself instead of asking or waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Now if you want a well-rounded home workout, you need to do a variety of exercises. For legs, do some squats while you’re cooking. When doing laundry, squeeze them dry with your own hands. If you spend time sitting or bending over for long periods, take a break and twist your spine the other way. Bend forward, backward and sideways. These are little ways to workout at home, but they will go far in building a healthier body for you.

There are different ways to workout at home outdoors as well. Keep a garden. Planting flowers and plants, digging up soil and carrying plants are excellent weight training. If you have the space, go out and play freesbie with your dog. Show your kids how to play basketball.

Once a month or so, go through your house. Sort out the things you can throw away. Pile them up in one place and carry them outside. Either to the trash or to the local donation bin. It’s not just good exercise, it also keeps your home clutter-free.

A lot of people start a workout for a week or so and then drop it for another week or month. That’s not how to exercise at home. You need to be regular. That’s why we’ve emphasized simple and easy ways to workout. At home there are always things to do. Be creative and turn these chores into engaging physical activities.